Dog Grooming and Health

You can say that a healthy dog is a sign of a healthy owner. A healthy dog can remain happy and fit without being sick. A dog requires to be groomed on regular basis to be healthy and fit. Indulging your dog in proper grooming and healthcare is the most efficient way of maintaining your dog's health and fitness. Focus on the things that are going to give your dog the best results. Use this blog to learn about grooming your dog and how it can make for a healthier dog overall.

Do Dogs Need Regular Grooming?

All canines require some form of grooming, whether it is nail clipping or brushing. They do require some form of regular maintenance to keep them healthy, just like humans do. If a dog is in good health, one can assume that it would have regular nail and hair trimming sessions as well as general exercise which will help both the dog's body and mind.

Dogs who live in apartments or condos where concrete, asphalt, and other hard surfaces are present will inevitably wear down their nails through constant contact with these floors. But most dogs enjoy running around outside in the grass, dirt, and soft sand which eventually speeds up the process for them but even then most dogs' nails still never touch the ground because they have what is called a dewclaw, which doesn't touch the ground either.

This means that all dogs need to have their nails trimmed routinely just like how all humans need to have their fingernails and toenails clipped.

How Grooming Improves Your Dog’s Health?

Dogs often have some of the most lovely, healthy-looking hair coats. They smell nice and look elegant. We need to take good care of our dogs, so grooming is very useful not only for aesthetic reasons but also from an overall health point of view.

Some benefits may be seen as more immediate, such as the fact that grooming removes dead and damaged hair from your dog’s coat which can assist with dog odor. Over-greasing a dog's fur can cause less than pleasant effects; any excess greasiness will clog pores and lead to skin irritation or worse, cause an infection.

Cleaning your dog's coat is a great bonding experience, the more regularly you do it the more they'll get used to it and before you know it their grooming time will be a nice soothing experience for both of you. It's also beneficial because grooming promotes healthy blood circulation by moving lymphatic fluid which can aid in preventing hairballs.

Grooming is a time-tried technique to relieve anxiety in animals and can serve as a psychological coping mechanism for dealing with stress or other mental health symptoms. If your pet is excessively grooming or displaying other obsessive behaviors, he may be undergoing physical or mental distress that needs attention from a veterinarian who can provide the proper diagnosis and treatment options.

Issues Caused By Lack of Grooming

If we don’t groom our dogs on regular basis it affects their health seriously. These health issues not only increase the vet bills but may also make your dog unfriendly. Here are some issues that may occur due to a lack of grooming:

  • Long hair on dogs or other pets is a bane to health and well-being. Over the long term, an animal with too much hair covering its eyes may be left blind, reducing its quality of life to that which we wouldn’t want any pet to suffer.
  • Long nails are cause of pain, as they will grow into your pet's paw pads and cause cracking or inflammation. Whenever long nails bend and touch the ground, this may also affect your dogs’ gait.
  • When pet hair becomes matted it can prove to be extremely painful and could cause lifelong issues. If a dog remains in severe matting for too long, blood flow can begin to slow down and deformities could start to take place because of the restrictions occurring due to the fur pulling on a pet’s skin.
  • Many common parasites can affect your pet's health. Some of the most common parasites pets encounter are fleas, ticks, and mites. Keeping your pet safe from these creatures is only possible through regular grooming.
  • Dental disease can very often lead to bad breath in dogs, teeth loss, reduced appetite, and lower energy levels not to mention serious organ damage such as damage to your pet’s heart, liver, and kidneys.

How Supplements Improve Grooming And Health?

As you should be aware, maintaining a healthy diet is of major importance to the overall health and well-being of your pet. While it's important to provide your pet with an appropriate amount of protein each day, it's also vital to ensure that he has certain vitamins and nutrients in his system consistently for him to remain fit and lean as time goes by.

For example, if your dog often suffers from itchy skin or experiences difficulties associated with growing excess hair at a normal rate, then perhaps adding some Omega-3 supplements or Omega-6 supplements might be the solution that helps alleviate those problems.

Biotin is not only known by many people as a vitamin found in cereal, it's also a powerful nutrient for your dog. Biotin helps metabolize amino acids, carbs, and fats. One of the strongest ways to keep your dog's fur healthy and shiny is to give him an appropriate diet along with supplements that contain this important nutrient when needed.

A well-balanced healthy diet, including exercise combined with regular doctor's visits, are all vital parts of caring for your dog. And, when it comes to choosing specific supplements and multivitamins that are well-matched to your dog's lifestyle and nutritional needs, keep in mind that just as humans every dog is also different. So, at that next veterinarian wellness exam visit make sure that this is one on your key questions.


To some it all up, it is very important to understand that grooming your dog regularly is a crucial part of her health and wellness. Grooming your dog regularly helps to prevent the formation of mats and tangles in their fur, which can be painful and uncomfortable for the dog. It also helps to prevent parasites and other infections that can be found in your dog's fur. In addition to helping your dog's general health, grooming is also a great way to bond with your dog and keep them mentally stimulated and happy.

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