Calming Dog Bed
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Fluffy Dog and Cat Bed is the best all-around choice for all small, medium and large companion animals – Original donut shape is designed for Stress-Relief, Relaxation and Calming.

Here are some of the amazing features of this product:

• Ideal for stress and anguish relief;
• Higher raised edges provide a sense of security;
• Cozy, calming and promotes relaxation;
• Machine washable fabric;
• Non-slip bottom provides stability.

Our dog donut bed was designed with your pet’s happiness and comfort in mind, featuring a soft and luxurious plush fabric that will keep your beloved furry friend warm and toasty at all times. This calming dog bed features raised edges and a soft bottom that can help provide a sense of security and protection, relieve anguish and stress and promote calmness. Made with eco-friendly materials, this dog bed is resistant to moisture and odors but it’s also durable and resilient, offering your pet a toasty place to unwind and relax for years to come.

  • Your Pet Deserves the World: In their short lifespan, pets deserve to live a happy and full life, being spoiled with cuddles, love, affection and premium pet supplies. That is why at Earthgenics we have designed a fluffy dog calming bed to offer your pet a luxurious place to recharge after a long day of running, eating and napping!

  • Premium Quality Materials: This fluffy dog bed is made with high-quality soft plush, which is eco-friendly, durable and resistant but also incredibly soft! The fabric is machine washable and has a high resistance to moisture, foul odors or dirt.

  • Luxurious and Cozy Nest: Our donut bed for large dogs is extremely fluffy and cozy, inviting your pet to indulge in its warmth! The bed is spacious and provides a familiar place to make your dog feel comfortable and enjoy restful sleep.

  • Calming Effect: Featuring a very soft texture with raised edges, this calming donut dog bed can help provide a sense of security and protection, relieve anguish and stress and promote calmness, perfect to help your dog relax in stressful situations.
  • Practical and Chic Design: The fuzzy dog bed features an anti-slip waterproof bottom that provides excellent stability, prevents slipping and reduces heat loss. The fluffy cover is removable and machine washable, for easy cleaning and long-lasting use.
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    Sitting Pretty

    Revitalizing Design - Featuring a very soft texture with raised edges, this calming donut dog and cat bed can help provide a sense of security and protection, relieve stress and anguish and to promote calmness, perfect to help your dog or cat relax in stressful situations. Also helps to promote deep sleep rhythms for apt healing and joint pain relief. Highest Standards - premium quality earth and animal friendly materials are hypoallergenic fabrics that are mold-resistant and resist shedding pet hair for easy machine washable cleaning and sustainable use.

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    Safe and Sound

    It’s all about your pet’s overall well-being and comfort. That is why we specialize in designing practical and functional pet beds that support natural animal sleeping instincts. Our sole mission is to create a familiar and memorable snuggle space that offers your pet immense comfort without compromising its safety. We work exclusively with premium quality earth friendly materials to create trendy designs and amazing products focused on your pet’s health and happiness. Every bed is made with eco-friendly materials. In addition, our dog bed is resistant to moisture and odors, but it’s also durable and resilient, offering your pet a toasty place to unwind and relax for years of good times and memories to come.

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    Natural Makes Everything Better

    Our values are driven by the notion that we imagine, design and make Smarter Products for Better Health for companion animals. More specifically, and what we mean by "smarter" is that our interest and true North lies in the belief that there are naturally occurring components and elements that are organically created on our Planet and naturally produced inside the bodies of our pets. Indeed, there are a multitude of organic materials and resources which are found in everyday Nature that have an inherently powerful ability to heal and sustain good health without adverse effects to the body.  

    Yet, most importantly our approach to specific disease management is morally and structurally based upon a prerogative in that we must employ rigorous, deliberate, intelligent and scientifically based methods and approaches in all of our product development and research.

    In a word... Yes. Earthgenics products are completely organic and each individual container is clearly marked with an expiration date for freshness. Others may say natural and throw together a hodge-podge or mixed bag of organic sounding ingredients to say that it's natural. Natural doesn't mean by accident. Each and every one of our exclusive products are clinically formulated and rigorously tested by independent labs to confirm the amounts of each active ingredient and its guaranteed analysis. Our products are made in FDA registered GMP sealed manufacturing facilities and formulated in the United States of America under strict guidelines and supervision. Rest assured, our products are purposely designed and checked over and over again to deliver safe and optimal outcomes.

    No questions asked... Period. We feel so strongly that both you and your pet will be completely satisfied with our products that without fail, you may return it within 30 days and receive a 100% product refund.

    Our specially formulated dog chews have a high degree of bioavailability because they are easier on the stomach and absorb better. This is an important concept to understand as it pertains the amount of nutrient that is metabolized and absorbed into your dog’s system.